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Commonly Used Terms @ Fax Express, Inc..

ADF: Automatic document feeder

Auto Re-dial: Automatically redials the last number if the transmission did not go through.

Broadcasting: Sending the same document to more than one location.

Caller ID: Allows you to see the number of a party calling you; requires service from the phone company.

Distinctive Rings: A service through your local telephone company that provides another phone number on an existing phone line for your fax machine.

Gray Scale: The varying levels of gray a document can have; usually 16/32/64 gray levels.

Quickscan: The scanning of a document into the machine's memory before it is faxed.

Speed-Dial: Preprogrammed numbers that allow for quick and easy dialing. Machines have various implementations of this feature.

TAD Interface: Allows for, on the same phone line, the addition of an external telephone answering device.

Transmission: The process of sending documents over the phone lines from your fax machine to the receiving machine.

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